When you upgrade to OSX Catalina the first time you run the launcher there may be a very long delay while Catalina enables the launcher application, it may also ask you if you wish the app to listen for keystrokes (which is not necessary).

Just leave OSX to do it's thing as it can take several minutes before the launcher starts.

Once the launcher starts it should work ok until you hit the 'play' button to launch velocidrone.

At this point the same thing happens again and there will be a significantly long delay as well as the prompt as to whether it should listen for keystrokes (for velocidrone main app you need to reply yes).

After several minutes of what seems like a hang velocidrone will start up. 

From here onwards velocidrone should just work normally without the big delays in startup. The main thing is just to be patient and let it do whatever it is doing, rather than cancelling it or assuming it is hung or isn't working.