VelociDrone is installed in a hidden location on OSX. It is not installed the same was as on windows where all the files are in the folder where to unzipped the launcher application.

In rare cases it may be necessary to reinstall VelociDrone due to something going wrong in the upgrade process. Reinstall guarantees getting a clean download and install of the latest version.

To delete VelociDrone you need to find the hidden folder, for this you must first turn on hidden files in the OSX Finder application.

This is done differently on different OSX versions so we suggest just googling this for your specific OSX version.

Once you have hidden files truned on you must navigate within finder to your home directory - you can on most OSX systems do this by selecting the menu title GO and then selecting HOME.

In the home directory you then need to find the following directory ...

/Library/Application Support/PatchKit/Apps/32bc8fc6/

(This directory actually has the full path of /Users/Your-user-name//Library/Application Support/PatchKit/Apps/32bc8fc6/)

It is this directory that you need to delete to uninstall the core program files for VelociDrone.

If you wish to delete the databases and config files for VelociDrone as well then this directory should be deleted, but be aware that doing this will remove all of your configuration and settings ...

/Users/Your-user-name//Library/Application Support/VelociDrone/VelociDrone/