We do not recommend trying to do this if you are not familiar with using unix command line. You can get in a mess very quickly.

In the following example the disk path name /Volumes/HDD/VelociDrone is a made up path name just to use as an example - you need to use your own valid path to your own hard drive - you cannot just type these command in verbatim, you must insert a valid path relevant for your own system.

1. Make an empty directory on your bigger volume (for instance mkdir /Volumes/HDD/VelociDrone)

2. Make sure that you have write permissions to that directory (chown it if necessary)

3. Execute:

rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/PatchKit/Apps/32bc8fc6

ln -s /Volumes/HDD/VelociDrone ~/Library/Application\ Support/PatchKit/Apps/32bc8fc6

Now run the launcher. Game will be installed on your bigger volume and it should no longer complain about the disk space if your usual drive is lacking space.