Velocidrone is hosted on multiple high speed download servers all round the world. These are big (and expensive for us) download servers and they are all capable of up to 100 megabytes a second download rates.

Some customers may not get the benefit of these big servers because their internet service provider is throttling the network links to these servers.

We cannot fix this problem as net neutrality is no longer enforced and ISPs can prioritise traffic as they see fit - so if they choose to throttle our servers then you as a customer get a very slow download.

There are ways around this - one is to use a VPN, which will make your traffic take a different route and often will speed things up immediately.

The other is to run the patchkit benchmark to see which servers you have slow connections to and then block these servers in your machines hosts file - this will force the patcher to use the servers on faster / unrestricted network links.

First run the patchkit benchmark test ... 

Your should see output similar to this ... 

As you can see we have multiple servers and from my machine none of them are particularly being throttled (I have business broadband where thottling is less likely).
You want to look at the average download speed and one (or more) of them will clearly show it is being throttled - typically this will be seen as 0.1mb/s or something like that.

The servers on slow links are the ones you want to add entries into your hosts file to block, so the patcher will pick the other faster links instead.

the entry to put in your hosts file for example for blocking eu-n3 would be ...

For the us-n1 it would be ...

The reason the patcher can pick a slow link is because it picks the server with the lowest latency (fastest ping time) to do the download but this could easily be a throttled link as ping time does not refelct overall download speed - and then a slow download ensues. The patcher is being updated to be more intelligent and pick fastest links and possibly download from multiple severs but until we implement this then this article is the best circumvention for a slow download problem.

This is how to edit the hosts file on windows: 

This is how to edit the hosts file on OSX (Mac)