First do not open a ticket and send us the crash dump and log files. These are not useful to us.

We will need to see the log file for VelociDrone to determine the cause of the crash - see below.

It is not possible for the code of the simulator to crash windows osx or linux, it will always be a subsystem that has crashed - this is 99% of the time the graphics drivers.

Very often the log will show shader errors - this usually means your graphics card is too old to run VelociDrone or that it's drivers are out of date and need updating.

The log file can be found in the following directory which is hidden so you must turn on hidden files in windows explorer to find it ...       c:/users/<your-windows-user-name>/appdata/locallow/velocidrone/velocidrone/output_log.txt

On OSX it is in the mac home folder under the hidden Library directory. Inside this hidden Library directory is the /Logs/Unity/Player.log

On linux the log is in ~/.config/unity3D/velocidrone/velocidrone/player.log