All players in VelociDrone start with a ranking score of 1000.

When racing single class if you win or loose you will gain or lose ranking points.

The ranking system is based on ELO ranking system for chess. It calculates the probability of you winning against the other players in the race.

If you beat a high ranked player and you are low ranked then you will gain lots of points (up to 16) and they will lose the same amount. 

If you beat a low ranked player and  you are high ranked then you will gain less or possibly no points at all.

Beating or losing to similarly ranked players will get a rank gain/loss of 8 points.

Ranking is inactive in open class and only happens in multiplayer races.

Ranking happens when all players have finished the race. If the next race is started before all players have finished then the ranking is done at the point the new race is started.

Multiplayer ranking leader board can be found on our website, where the no.1 ranked player is the most successful multiplayer racer in the simulator.